Enterprises are increasingly dependent on mission critical applications, Networks and Hardware for their day-to-day operations. Applications and Infrastructure need to be constantly monitored for any incidents that impede business operations. Support Engineers have to respond in a timely manner to prevent expensive business outages which may result in revenue loss, customer dissatisfaction and more.

Monitoring Systems typically create tickets for incidents and support engineers periodically browse the tickets and perform corrective steps to resolve the tickets. It is not uncommon for support engineers to browse several monitoring systems (JIRA ops, Solarwinds..) for incidents that require attention.

MyAlertX is a consolidated Alerting Engine that scans multiple monitoring systems real-time, and sends Alerts to the relevant Support Engineer via in App notification, Text or email. Support Engineers need not constantly browse monitoring systems anymore. MyAlertX does all the hard work and Support Engineers are notified only with tickets that are assigned to them.

MyAlertx Supports multiple levels of escalations in case the Primary Support Engineer does not respond in a timely(configurable escalation thresholds) manner . The support team can be rest assured that no alert will go unattended. Other features include,

  1. Accept/Reject or Snooze an Alert
  2. Flexible On-call rotation Duties (Daily Weekly Monthly …)
  3. Notification of Geographically Nearest Engineer to the incident
  4. Self Service swapping of on-Call Duties
  5. Multiple Monitoring Systems Support (JIRA,Solarwinds,Cherwell…)
For a detailed review of the product please click on the links below for the iOS and Android platforms.



App Features

  1. Configurable web application
  2. Project's creation
  3. Creating tracking systems
  4. Creating & assigning support engineer's to projects
  5. Configuring escalation levels
  6. Configuring rotation type among support engineers
  7. Notifying on call engineer
  8. Engineer's can accept/snooze/decline an incident
  9. Escalation when primary engineer ignores
  10. Duty switching between primary engineers
  11. Detailed calendar view of engineers on support
  12. Observer can track entire project (tickets as well as engineers)
  13. Resolve tickets with comments
  14. Engineers can track their own history



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